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Sunshine Coast Endodontics

MOOLOOLABA, Queensland

Dr Jonathan Race, Dr Patrick Caldwell



Before any treatment is commenced, a consultation is necessary. The consultation is necessary to discuss the cause of your problem, avaiable treatment options, likelihood of success, the number of visits required and the fees involved. We can offer a consultation and treatment on the same day if this is your desire. 

The consultation fee (and radiographs taken on the day) is $200. 

The treatment costs below includes the consultation fee. 

Fees for normal endodontic treatment:

Front tooth: $2000

Premolar tooth: $2300

Molar tooth: $2500

Endodontic fees for normal retreatment:

Front tooth: $2200

Premolar tooth: $2500

Back tooth: $2800

Treatment costs can vary from the above if more appointments are necessary that usual. Treatment often requires 2-3 visits. It is our policy that your endodontic care is paid for at the time of treatment.  HICAPS is available at our office if you are affiliated with a private health fund. Your healthfund determines the amount of rebate you recieve. 

After the root canal treatment is complete, you will usually be required to have a new final restoration or crown placed to stop the tooth from severe cracks developing while eating hard foods. The final restoration or crown is performed by your general dentist and is an extra costs to the endodontic treatment. Please discuss this cost with your general dentist.